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2022 Miniature Horse Events

For British Columbia!

April 17 – VIMHC Fast Eddy at the James Cobble Hill 

April 20 – VIMHC Club meeting via Zoom 7:00 pm

May 15 – VIMHC Fun and Games at Lombard Farm (cones, mini marathon, fd event activities)

June 10,11,12BCMHC AMHA/R Show, Chilliwack

June 15 – VIMHC Club meeting via Zoom 7:00pm

June 25/26 – All Pony Show

July 10 – VIMHC Fast Eddy at the James, Cobble Hill 

July 14-17Alberta - Calgary Stampede Canadian National Miniature Horse Show

August 5, 6, 7 – Chilliwack Fair

August 17 – VIMHC Club meeting via Zoom 7pm

August 28 – Nanaimo VIEX Fair – Christina (convenor)

September 4 – Saanich Fair – Lena (convenor)

September 18 – COWEX Fair – convenor to be confirmed

October 2 – VIMHC TBC Lombard event (possible scurry/games)

October 19 – VIMHC Club AGM by Zoom 7:00pm

November 20 – VIMHC That’s a Wrap (Carol-Ann) at Lombard Farm – will also be Pizza party and Awards

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Website Updates

May 5: Added the BCMHC Chilliwack show. Check out the BCMHC page!

April 1: NEW WEBSITE FOR BOTH THE BCMHC & VIMHC! Please send your suggestions for fun additions to the club website to KLunde@live.ca. Photos are welcome to be submitted. Members of BCMHC or VIMHC only please.

In Loving Memory

Heather Ward

Breeder of fine quality miniature horses, avid promoter of the miniature horse breed, a huge contributor to the BCMHC, Director and Treasurer of AMHA, and the best Grandma.