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British Columbia Miniature Horse Club

Welcome to the online home of BCMHC!

Have a question about our club, or all the wonderful things miniature horses can do? Send us a message and we would be happy to help you!
Minis are for Everyone! Join in the fun! 


   The BC Miniature Horse Club was formed in 1978 by a group of Miniature Horse enthusiasts. The members would get together to share new information and showing techniques about this “new” breed of horse. Most of the activities were held in the Langley area, as that is where the majority of the members were from. 

    Our first president was Mr. Dick Gardiner who is a well-known figure in the equine industry. By 1979 the membership had grown to over 50 people. Most of the foundation stock at that time had come from the USA. Our first show was held in 1980 at the Gardiner’s farm. It was a small show but they had a lot of informative activities that day. There was a clipping demo, a harnessing demo, how to show at halter, etc. It was amazing how many people came out to witness the “first” Miniature Horse Show and watch the little horses strut their stuff.

    Throughout the years our club has had many clinics to try and help the new members become successful in the show arena. There is always someone around to help out a new member and to answer any questions. We have had fun days, picnics, garage sales, and open houses, just to name a few activities. Our club also participates in parades and does demonstrations at different equine functions. 



    We have an exciting and growing Youth Membership that has done exceptionally well at a local and National level. We hold clinics to teach our youth. We encourage past youth and older youth to help the new, less experienced children. We welcome all new youth members with or without a horse. Most members will sponsor a child and give them the use of a horse for show purposes. The children are our future!!

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